Eight months after being released from two years in state prison for selling prescription drugs on the street, Dominic Lockley is back in trouble, for felony battery and kidnapping charges the sheriff says are connected to sex trafficking.

After Franklin County issued four warrants for his arrest last week, including ones for kidnapping, and domestic battery by strangulation, the sheriff’s office in Houston County, Alabama, around Dothan, arrested the 30-year-old Apalachicola man on April 9.

The sheriff’s office in Alabama also charged him with drug trafficking and possession, of crack and meth. He was given a $205,000 bond on those charges, but because the Franklin County warrants made him a fugitive from justice, he continues to be held there without bond.

What happens next will depend on how the two jurisdictions’ prosecutors choose to handle it. “That’s up to the courts,” said Hamm. “One thing or another he will come back to Franklin County.”

The sheriff’s office is withholding details and the name of the individual involved in the April felony battery incident, which Sheriff A.J. Smith has said appears to be one piece of Lockley’s involvement in possible sex trafficking, and violence against women connected with that.

“There may be other victims of Dominic Lockley. If there’s any of the those women out there, we want to talk to them,” he said. “We've been told by other women who have been victims in this case that there are other women involved."

Smith said their investigation went beyond domestic battery when officers learned prostitution was involved.

In July 2015, Lockley sold Xanax to an undercover informant, and later fled from police. After doing six months in the county jail, and pleading no contest, Circuit Judge Stewart Parsons ordered him to go for two years to state prison, stipulating a preference for a faith based facility, possible in Wakulla County.

This marked his third stay in prison, the first coming when he was 19, which was three years for aggravated assault and battery during a burglary. He was released in Jan. 2009, and then a little more than three years later, returned to prison in Sept. 2012, for multiple counts of selling cocaine, and was incarcerated for just shy of three years. He was free for 15 months before this most recent conviction for Xanax.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at 670-8500.