In photography the viewpoint can dramatically change the feel of the photograph. The viewpoint refers to the position that the photograph is taken from. Changing the viewpoint is the photographer's great advantage.

Students in the high school photography class know that viewpoint can make the difference between a creative and a common photo. When exploring the school's campus with their cameras, students look for ways to take creative photographs of everyday objects from unique viewpoints.

The courageous photographers know they may have to change their elevation. They may kneel down and take a photo, or, hold the camera above their heads and shoot down on their subject. They may move right, or move left. They may go aside their subject or behind them. They may get closer, or move further away. Most importantly, students learn how to photograph an image that is no longer something that a casual passerby would see.

In her photograph titled "Look Up,” Franklin County sophomore Andrea Cooper changed her elevation and knelt down on the grass to capture a refreshing viewpoint of a Florida fungi growing in the schoolyard. She was able to give us a bug's eye view of the lamella, or gill, of the mushroom. Andrea enjoys all types of artistic endeavors and likes to try new things.