Learning how to read and write Chinese is not easy, because there is no alphabet or phonetic system. Each written Chinese word is represented by its own unique symbol, or character, and each word must be learned separately.

According to ShaoLan Hsuen, creator of “Chineasy,” an internet program that teaches an easy way to understand basic Chinese characters, "A Chinese scholar understands over 20,000 characters. You only need 1,000 to understand basic literacy. The top 200 will allow you to comprehend 40 percent of basic literature - enough to read road signs, restaurant menus, and understand the newspapers."

Seahawk students in third through fifth grades were introduced to the art form of Chinese calligraphy. Students used brushes and black paint to practice painting 12 of about 50,000 characters found in the Chinese written language.

Gwen Lamberson and Nathaniel Whiddon enjoyed moving the brush across that paper to practice the flow and rhythm that it takes in painting each character.

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