Once again this year, the Capital Chordsmen will send their local quartet, “4 Oysters in Search of a Pearl,” to Franklin County to sing serenades.

The serenade includes two songs, a Barbershop Tag (two-line song), red flower, box of chocolates, and a picture to remember.

Apalachicola resident Ken Schroeder, lead singer with the quartet, has been bringing his quartet each year. “Here’s a chance to surprise your sweetheart with a Valentine never-to-be forgotten,” he said. “Sweethearts, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, mothers and grandmothers, daughters, all have been targets in the past.”

“Most people elect to have the serenade delivered publicly, at a restaurant, on the street, at a pub, place of work, public park, school, or elsewhere unexpected,” said Schroeder. “We will work with the purchaser to ensure the ultimate surprise.”

The 4 Oysters quartet has been delivering to the area for the past four years, and are looking forward to another great event.

Cost for a personal Valentine is $50, with all proceeds going to defray expenses for the Chordsmen. The singers collect nothing except the experience of the event, the joy of sharing bargershop harmony, and a chance to create memories for others.

To book a Valentine, give Ken a call or text to 653-5662, or e-mail to ken@bryanthouse.com

Capital Chordsmen, a non-profit organization dedicated to singing and preserving the barbershop style of music, are members of the nation Barbershop Harmony Society. They have received recognition for their stellar performances at the Sunshine District conferences. Chartered in 1966, The Capital Chordsmen are one of the longest tenured barbershop choruses in the state.