Kids, bring your second favorite bedtime friend to the second annual Teddy Bear Sleepover!

Big Baloo, the library bear, is looking forward to another fun night this Sunday, Feb. 10 at the Apalachicola Margaret Key Library. Toy drop off starts at 3 p.m., and pickup starts at 11 a.m. Monday.

"The Teddy Bear Sleepover is a great event for children that encourages reading," said Audie Pieper, library assistant. "It sparks the imagination of what a night in the library is like."

Children bring their second favorite bedtime friend, whether a stuffed animal, baby doll or even a toy truck, to the library. After a story, they tuck their friend into bed and say goodnight.

"The kids leave their fluffy friends overnight and we take pictures of all the fun adventures they have," said Pieper. "Last year we had a great turnout for the event and we hope to see an increase in kids and their bedtime friends.

A picture book of all the fun will be created for the children to pick up in the morning along with their bedtime friend, showing all the adventures their animals and dolls had overnight.

"Kids love to see what kind of mischief their stuffed animals and dolls get into during the sleepover," said Pieper. "You can see the joy in their eyes when they pick them up and receive their picture books. It's a real 'Toy Story" feeling we can give to keep their imagination and childhood full of magic."

For more information on the sleepover, call 653-8436 or stop by 80 12th St. in Apalachicola.