With all due respect, the photo of the Chinese Dragon in last Week’s Seahawk Arts feature of the newspaper did not do it justice. The effect of this amazing brightly-colored dragon presence is truly something you won’t forget if you get the chance to see it. The fact that it is the collaborative effort of students from kindergarten through fifth grade is a huge lesson in the importance of communication among diverse groups, and having the confidence that doing your own part to the best of your ability will absolutely contribute to a greater whole.

The dragon is the dramatic centerpiece of an entire show of student artwork that reflects the immense talent of Franklin County’s students. I have been to many student art shows over the years and I have never attended one that was so engaging and so professionally displayed. The artwork and the descriptions of the motivating principles behind the work were brilliant and inspiring. We are blessed with a very perceptive and sensitive group of young people in our midst and some extremely creative and thoughtful teachers. They deserve our applause, our standing ovation, and our attention.

The Youth Arts Showcase is on display at the History Culture and Art Center through this Saturday, Feb. 9. This is a busy and stressful time of year, but if you can spare a few minutes to go see this show before it closes, I guarantee you will be re-energized and inspired to tackle the rest of your day with a renewed spirit. And if you don’t make it for the show, this marvelous dragon can still be seen at the Seahawk Arts gallery at Franklin County School. By the way, thank you Apalachicola Cenetr for History, Culture and the Arts for presenting such a wonderful diversity of programs such as this one, throughout the year.

Andrea Comstock