The Margaret Key Literary Salon will highlight choreographer and activist Alvin Ailey in "Blood Memories of a Choreographer, Alvin Ailey" with guest speaker Gayle Doherty on Thursday, Feb. 7 at the Apalachicola Margaret Key Library.

Reception begins at 4:30 p.m.; program starts at 5 p.m.

Doherty will begin the program with a presentation on Ailey's life, particularly how his childhood influenced his concepts of dance.

"He made a huge impact on dance during his life and still does today, 30 years after his death," said Doherty. "I find his work and his life story very inspiring."

The lecture and film performance of "Revelations" is based on the early childhood of Ailey. He grew up very poor in the small town of Navasota, Texas. Ailey made his Broadway debut in 1954 and four years later created the internationally acclaimed Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. His innovative work skyrocketed the popularity of modern dance around the world.

The purpose of the Margaret Key Salon is to introduce performance art from all walks of life to our community.

"Performance art -- music, theatre, dance -- reflects all of life. It doesn't matter who the artist is, it is what they give to us and how it can bring us together in our human experience," said Jill Rourke, library director. "The Margaret Key Salon is the perfect venue to expand our appreciation of the arts, build up a togetherness in our community, and broaden our knowledge of all cultures."

For more information on "Blood Memories of a Choreographer, Alvin Ailey," call 653-8436 or stop by 80 12th St. in Apalachicola.