My wife and I were fortunate enough to spend four days in Apalachicola for the Butts & Clucks BBQ event.

We have attended several hundred events of this type over the years and Butts & Clucks is head and shoulders better than other events of the same type. I watched John Solomon and Samantha Gilbert work tirelessly to make sure the teams and judges were well taken care of and had a great time. As a direct result of their efforts, some of the finest BBQ teams in the Southeast participated and the standard of BBQ was exceptionally high.

One of the major attractions of this event is the people of Apalachicola and Apalachicola oysters. I had judges and cook teams tell me over and over how welcoming the merchants were and how well they were treated as they dined out or their spouses shopped while they competed. Everyone took time to chat and make visitors feel warm and welcome. That certainly mirrors my experience. Probably the biggest indicator of the success of this event is the number of participants who have already indicated they want to come back next year.

Thanks to the Chamber, John, Samantha and the people of Apalachicola for making this one to the greatest events on the BBQ competition circuit.

Steve Brumm

Panama City