In regards to the guest column “Punishing a Public a New Immigration Strategy?” by Jim Griesemer (see page. A4, Dec. 27, 2018 Times), I wish Mr. Griesemer, as well as the political elites in Washington D.C., would all understand the American people have waited many, many years for Washington to get the immigration issue resolved and a correct strategy done.

Unfortunately, nothing has been done and never will be done as long as the American people have to wait for the political class to solve the problem. That is why the American people elected a non-politician in President Trump to solve the problem. Sure the wall is not the final solution but has anyone else offered a solution to solve the problem? No, except to try and make the American people believe illegal immigrants are legal immigrants.

Wake up, Mr. Griesemer, control the border first, build a wall where necessary, then come up with a clear plan. Don’t give me and everyone else this story about America is made up of immigrants, it is, but they are legal immigrants.

This whole argument over immigration, for the Democrats, is nothing but about gaining power.

Joe Straka

Lawrenceville Georgia