If what I understood was the correct millage rate for Franklin County, 6.2762 mills, versus Wakulla County’s 8.0 mills, a difference of about 1.724 mills would mean a roughly $172 tax increase per $100,000 in property value if annexation occurred.

Our current property values are decreasing, and despite what the Franklin County property appraiser calculates with a faulty, but legal, methodology, they will continue to decrease if Alligator Drive is not fixed permanently.

The roadway must be fixed permanently by Franklin County government before annexation talks are meaningful. The quickest solution is a special assessment on every property owner in Franklin County bar none. Alligator Point property taxes are used for the benefit of everyone in Franklin County, correct? What is fair is fair!

Also, to supplement this approach, Franklin County commissioners should instruct every department head, to present a budget with a 15 percent cut/rollback to support this temporary budget crisis, as long as Commissioner Smokey Parrish doesn’t want to use contingency funds as he stated in the last county commission meeting.

As a result, Alligator Drive gets fixed permanently in the next three years, and property values increase accordingly, with a corresponding increase in tax revenues, all with the same millage rate (6.2762 mills) now in effect. Commissioner Parrish gets his wish to maintain the gap in the current millage rate, and the maximum allowed under law, for the next county emergency. Simple approach and everyone remains on speaking terms!

John Berry

Alligator Point