I just read the latest report on our drinking water and would like help in understanding what is going on. Perhaps someone from the water department will respond.

In June 2013 the city was issued a permit to install a filtration system to correct the high level of the contaminant TTHM (total trihalomethanes). According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the city had 36 months from that date to complete the project. I remember when this was announced and was looking forward to better water. I even asked about it at City Hall once and no one seemed to know anything about it.

We are now past that time frame and the contaminant is still above the maximum level. In the meantime our water bills have skyrocketed, a hot button issue having to do with an unpaid loan for a long-ago sewer project. It seems like adding insult to injury to be paying so much for water that is judged to be tainted.

Safe clean water is one of the most sought-after commodities on the planet and I will gladly pay for it. Many don't have that luxury. But to pay so much for water that is unclean is a problem. I hope our city leaders can straighten this out or explain what has gone awry.

Caroline Weiler