I'm not surprised at the collapse of school order and of the leadership's continued failure to solve the problem. The children of our community have made education a very low need to their futures. Until Ms. Moses sets a higher bar for academic attainment, these children will continue to rule the culture of Franklin County Schools.

We all remember from Psychology 101 that our values are well-established prior to adolescence. The parents are products of their families and Franklin County schools. Why does Ms. Moses believe that she will find new results using failed methods of the past?

We treat children as if they are responsible adults, when the adults have failed to be responsible. All children are “Good.” What a farce. We are all basically corrupt from our conception. We have given up on our basic understandings of human nature and accepted the humanist philosophies of Marxism and other progressive ideologies.

God help us as the chasm of values clash reaches the shores of the "Forgotten Coast."


Erich F. Abraham