Maddie and Tae are promising to give the community a night to remember Saturday as they headline the Seafood Festival.

It certainly will give their hit song “After the Storm Blows Through” a poignant meaning.

The 23-year-old duo, of Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, now soaring on the charts, know what it’s like to deal with hurricanes, as their loved ones went through Hurricane Harvey last year.

“All of my family did experience Harvey, but thank God when nothing too bad happens,” said Maddie, who is from Sugar Land, Texas, and who sings lead vocals, and plays guitar and mandolin.

“I have friends who were devastated, who are just now getting back to normal,” she said. “It was so inspiring to see so many people come together and take people in and everything.

“I am glad that we get to be there for the festival for a night of hope and fun,” said Maddie. “We hope to bring everyone a little light after this craziness and chaos

“We’re really excited to get to represent country music and have a night of fun,” she said. “We’re super excited.”

Eight years ago, the young ladies, (Tae is from Ada, Oklahoma), then only 15 years old, met at a showcase in Dallas, and within the year, they were going back and forth to Nashville every weekend while still going to school. They first performed under the name "Sweet Aliana," and after finishing high school, they moved to Nashville to begin their musical career.

They wrote their debut single, "Girl in a Country Song,”a satirical take on the contemporary bro-country trend, and after 23 weeks, it became the first debut single by a female duo to reach number one since The Wreckers did it in 2006 with "Leave the Pieces,” and only the second in history.

Their hit song “Fly" was part of their debut album, ”Start Here” released in August 2015. They later had hits with ”Shut Up and Fish” and "Sierra,” They’ll be opening for Carrie Underwood as part of her tour next fall.

“Thankfully Maddie and I have extremely supportive and amazing families, They’re the one who sacrificed,” said Tae. “We’re big women of faith, and with those combined, we’re reminded to be grateful and to be humbled and to know we get to do this because God put us there.

“We’re always reminded by that,” she said.

Their song “Fly,” a tribute to women who overcome hardships, has inspired many. Their video features the two sitting on chairs high up that are nailed to the wall, and which they used a ladder to reach.

“It was pretty terrifying but it looks beautiful,” said Maddie. “The director came up with that idea. We’re at the shoot and we walked in on them nailing the chairs to the wall. It was totally worth being terrified.

“I think ‘Fly’ is all about empowerment and encouragement, and I think with everything it represents, I hope someone who needs that song will hear it,” she said, referring to the issues of the ‘Me Too’ movement. “It’s crazy that all of that is happening.

“We’re big supporters of that, that the right thing is being done, and what’s been in the darkness is coming to light,” Maddie said. “It’s a really great climate we’re creating to speak up and speak your truth.”

In May, Maddie & Tae released their first single since 2016, "Friends Don’t,” a powerful ballad they co-wrote with Justin Ebach and Jon Nite about a budding friendship with the potential to become much, much more. The song features progressive acoustic-guitar undertones and a blood-pumping chorus, and is the duo’s first single with their new record label Mercury Nashville and the first taste of their upcoming second studio album.

By the way, by way of interesting details, Tae has two cats Moomoo and Marli, and Maddie has Emmy, all rescue animals.

They love Florida, having gone with their family on vacations here many times. “Every time we see a date there on the calendar, we’re ere always super excited,” said Tae.

LaRue Howard, a Dove Award-winning recording artist from Orlando, will be the featured act at Battery Park on Friday, Nov. 2, the opening night of the upcoming Florida Seafood Festival.

Howard, a Dove Award-winning recording artist, has released four highly acclaimed CDs. Her discography includes three worship albums and one lullaby CD for the Christian parent. She is on the brink of the most monumental moment of her recording career with her new CD, LaRue Live At The River!

Howard is currently the worship leader at River of Life Church in Orlando, where she is responsible for leading the 1,100-member congregation weekly into a deeper encounter with God.

Her heart for worshippers all across the globe is evident in her non-profit organization, Worship Leaders Association International, Inc. WLA works to build, equip and empower worship leaders and all facets of music ministry through monthly workshops and training sessions.