Back in September, prior to Hurricane Michael, Seahawk Arts students commemorated International Dot Day, a global celebration of creativity, with a spontaneous, open-ended assignment to stimulate their creative thinking skills.

International Dot Day, Sept. 15, is named for the Peter H. Reynolds storybook “The Dot,” about a reluctant art student who is challenged by her teacher to "make a mark and see where it takes you."

Elementary students were given drawing paper with a foam circle affixed in a random location and instructed to create a drawing to incorporate the shape, or "dot" into their composition. The creative task was used to informally assess students' originality, fluency and elaboration of ideas, and have fun! During the critiquing process, students were amazed at the variety of artistic and original composition of their peers.

Fourth grade student Odin Joyner incorporated his "dot" into a scene with a locomotive riding along the railroad tracks under the moonlight.

Scan the Seahawk QR Code to hear Odin's artistic statement of his work of art titled, "Night Station."