Mechanical problems with the generator that powers the outdoor radio transmitter has kept Oyster Radio from delivering its usual throughout-the-storm emergency broadcasts.

Station owner Michael Allen said he and engineer William Eaton were outside in Hurricane Michael's 100-mph winds working to keep the generator alive, but it wouldn't stay running. The generator was provided the radio station by the county as part of a grant, and officials at the emergency operations center have been looking to secure a replacement.

Allen said the giant radio antenna remained unbowed during the storm, and no problems developed with the generator that the radio station used to power the audio equipment inside its offices at the Eastpoint Mall.

Allen's family owns Sportsman's Lodge, which suffered massive damage on its site in Eastpoint on the Apalachicola River.

He said the White Eagle Lodge restaurant is complete destroyed, and he said half of the rustic getaway's 32 rooms have suffered damage, either from flooding or high winds.

"It's the worst we've seen in the 45 years we've had the Sportsman's Lodge," Allen said.

If there is anyone in Franklin County that can fix a generator, please call Allen at 653-6398.