Beginning at noon today, Tuesday, the city of Apalachicola will be shutting down its sewer system in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Michael.

City of Carrabelle Sewer will be shutting off the sewer to residents at 3 p.m. Eastpoint Water and Sewer will be shutting off sewer to all their residents at noon today. Alligator Point will be shutting off the water at 2 p.m.

Water will be available until the lines become unsafe or broken. Please be go ahead and fill all tubs and sinks with water.

Apalachicola City Manager Ron Nalley said the sewer lines in Zone A, which is the downtown, will be shut off begnning at noon. The sewer lines in the other residential zones, B through D, will be shut off by 6 p.m.

"This is in order to preserve our vaccuum pump stations," said Nalley. "There are different pressurized sections, and we have to shut down different areas of the system. Once those pumps freeze up, it's really hard to get them back up. We're hoping to preserve it during the storm.

"We will get it back on as soon as it's safe to do so," he said.

Nalley said the water system will remain on throughout the storm.

"We are not shutting off the water system," he said. "We are encouraging people to leave, but if they choose to stay,  they need to conserve water. Fill their bathtubs, whatever they need to do.

"This is not something to mess around with," Nalley said. "The storm surge is something we have not seen before. There are significant flooding possiblities, and they are expecting very high winds, Category 2 plus winds.

"Your power is going to be out, your sewer is going to be out," he said.