A team of three meteorologists from the Weather Channel are headed to Apalachicola to cover the storm.

Jim Cantore, Chris Warren and Mike Bettes will broadcast from Apalachicola, with Jen Carfagno, Chris Bruin, Alex Wilson and Reynolds Wolf working out of Panama City Beach and Tevin Wooten out of Tallahassee.

“Florida has had more hurricanes in October than in any other month, and Michael could be one of the worst hurricanes to ever strike the Big Bend and Panhandle region," said Dr. Rick Knabb, hurricane expert at The Weather Channel about the storm and how to stay safe. "We only have today and Tuesday to finish critical life-saving preparations. Evacuate immediately from Gulf coast areas of Florida as instructed by local officials, as that is the only way to ensure survival from storm surge, the deadliest hurricane hazard of all that can penetrate miles inland in some places.

"This will not be just a coastal event, with dangerous winds and flooding rains spreading far inland over the southeastern U.S. Shelter from hurricane-force winds like you would for a tornado, and don’t stay in mobile homes even for a tropical storm. Don’t drive on any water-covered or closed roads, which is how many died in Florence. Preparations could prevent Michael from being a deadly storm.”