PANAMA CITY – Northwest Regional Library System (NWRLS), serving Bay, Gulf, and Liberty counties, is offering a new program called Career Online High School designed for adults aged 19 and over who lack a high school diploma and could benefit from additional job training.


This nationally accredited program allows adult students to earn an accredited high school diploma (not a GED) while gaining career skills in one of eight employment fields. NWRLS is currently seeking qualified residents to enroll in the free program.


“The library is very excited to be able to offer such an important opportunity to the residents of Bay, Gulf and Liberty counties. Earning a high school diploma is key stepping stone to achieving long-term goals,” says Library Director Robin Shader. “By offering Career Online High School, we’re empowering our residents to seek new opportunities and transform their lives.”


The Career Online High School project is funded by the State of Florida and is administered by Smart Horizons and Gale Cengage Learning. “We’re delighted to partner with Bay County Public Library to offer Career Online High School and give residents access to education and the potential to change their lives,” said Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president and general manager for Gale.


NWRLS awards scholarships for Career Online High School to qualified learners looking to earn a high school diploma and advance their careers. Once enrolled, Career Online High School pairs each student with an Academic Coach, who assists with developing an individual career plan, offers ongoing guidance and encouragement, evaluates performance, and connects the learner with the resources needed to demonstrate mastery of the course material. Classes are supported by board-certified instructors and students have 24/7 access to the online learning platform. Coursework begins in one of eight high-growth, high-demand career fields (across a wide spectrum from child care and education to certified transportation), before progressing to the core academic subjects. Students are able to graduate in as few as six months by transferring in previously earned high school credits but are given up to 18 months to complete the program.


Residents can learn more about Career Online High School by visiting: