To wash or not to wash? That is the question.

At the last election, in August, to be specific at the fire station in Eastpoint, it was brought to our attention that we needed to wash our flags, or buy new ones.

Well, we did check, yes we can wash the flags. But that is not the point. We have a suggestion, whoever made that remark, feel free to wash those flags, or buy us new ones.

We are a volunteer fire department. No one gets paid, not the firefighters, or first responders or board members. Not all of us fight fires, but there is paperwork to do, also for no pay.

Some of us have been volunteers for over 30 years. We don't even have elections any more. With the exception of some of the firefighters who moved away and we get new ones to join, the rest of us just keep going on.

We meet every fourth Monday of the month. For a long time we used to put a notice at the Post Office, as a reminder, even used to have it in the Apalachicola Times. Did not mean a thing.

When we have our Rib Cook-off every third weekend of March, we have to plead for volunteers.

Eastpoint Volunteer Fire Department is not just for the handful of us, it's for the citizens of Eastpoint, all of them.

The sad part of all of this is that the firefighters or first responders very seldom get a Thank You, besides no pay.

We rent out the meeting room for various occasions for much less than other places. All of that to be of help to the people who may not have a big enough place to celebrate with their family and friends.

So give us a break, come to one of our meetings, find out if you could help. We love our town.

God’s Blessings to all.

Ursula Stratton


Eastpoint Volunteer Fire Department