The political noise these days is so loud that it’s hard to hear what anybody is saying, so I want to explain what the Democratic Party stands for in Franklin County. 

The Democratic agenda for the county is eight-fold:

1. Affordable health care for all

2. Well-paying jobs and support for small businesses

3. Quality public education

4. Protecting our land and water - which is crucial to our local seafood and tourism industry

5. Affordable housing - so our local residents have decent places to live

6. Protection of civil and voting rights

7. Fair and accountable approach to immigration

8. Responsible and efficient government at Every level 

This agenda is consistent with the national agenda of the Democratic Party, and at the national level it includes preserving Social Security and Medicare now and in the future. 

If these policies and values align with your own, I hope you will look carefully at local and national candidates and vote Democratic in November. 

Ada Long

Secretary, Franklin County Democratic Executive Committee