Once again Franklin County has sent a record number of kids to camp this summer, thanks to the generosity of donors.

Michelle Huber, program assistant at the UF-IFAS county extension office, said 41 youth and one adult chaperone to Camp Timpoochee, held July 9 to 13. Last year the county sent 32 campers, also a record year.

“We only had 30 spots reserved but other neighboring counties did not have as much interest as our kids, which gave us an extra 11 campers,” said Huber.

Ranging in age from 8 to 13, the campers included Nyashia Davis, John Michael Thompson, Ashton Eskew, Alexis Webb, Carl Wilhite, Chance Martina, Ryan Sandoval, Molly Gay, Lilly Willis, Kingston Williams, Sophia Strickland, Maya Itzkovitz, Alex Itzkovitz, Cameron Golden, Jayden Golden, Daylen Gilbert, Reed Thompson, Autumn Loesch, Hailey Loesch, Gabriela Register, Jade Lively, Devin Lemieux, Nehemiah Robinson, Ethan Shirley, Evie Price, Bella Price, West Bockelman, Jordon Olsen, Dex Teat, Kylah Ross, Landon Scarabin, Talon Scott, MJ Mioton, and Promise Suddeth.

In addition seven 15-year-old Franklin County High School students served as counselors - Adrian Pruett, Camille Williams, Becca Willis, Allison Register, Jacob Shirley, Kalahn Kent and Krista Kelley. Plus adult Shannon Segree served as chaperone.

“Camp was a huge success as always,” said Huber. “I must give the majority of the credit to our incredible camp counselors. They are the backbone to a good result. But without the donations of such generous residents and businesses, all of our hard work is in vain.

“If our children cannot go to camp due to funding then personally I feel as though I denied those kids a fun learning opportunity on life,” she said. “And I strive not to disappoint a child.”

Huber said she’s received numerous emails from parents thanking the 4-H organization for helping their children.

“All I can say that this program has brought so much fun and joy into my granddaughter’s little world of sadness and confusion,” read an excerpt from an email Huber received. “4-H Camp helped open our kids’ eyes to see and have so much fun and different activities than our little town has to offer.

“I would like to say "THANK YOU" again for assisting and helping her experience this,” wrote the grandparent.