We have lived here in Apalachicola for a little over two years now. We moved here hoping to enjoy a nice little community where we could spend our retirement years, and also give back to the community. One of the first things we did was volunteer to work at the food bank four days a month located at the old high school. There was definitely a need for this service in the community as well as for our help. During this time, we have met many in the community and believe we have been enriched by this experience. These are wonderful people who would give you the shirt off their back. Unfortunately, many have a tough time themselves.

Today, I learned that the food bank will move to Eastpoint. I am not sure who made this decision, or why. What I do know is that I feel it is totally unconscionable. There are many who depend on this service that have access issues. I see them come on bicycles, golf carts and motorized scooters, not only for their own groceries, but to deliver some to a neighbor.

Others walk. Yes, I know some drive from outside of town, but there are many who do not have that option. We are distributing around 400 bags of groceries every other week. Many of these are delivered by volunteers who may not be able to do that otherwise. Volunteers help each other with rides as well. I know the first three months here I could not have volunteered as I did not have a vehicle as well.

The loss of this service in Apalachicola will place an extreme burden on members of our community who can least afford it. It is just not right.

Rick Finneran