Final water testing results have come back clean, and Apalachicola city officials put in place a brief precautionary boil water notice, after a water main break at 22nd Avenue and Fred Meyer Street in Apalachicola last week.

City Manager Ron Nalley said that after a smaller leak was detected Wednesday, Aug. 8, it was determined Thursday that a gasket and bush fittings on a six-inch line had weakened and given way to the leak. Water and Sewer Department Head William Cox's crews had the leak repaired by 7 p.m. Thursday.

Because water pressure dropped in several areas due to the leak, making for the possibility of contaminants seeping into pipes, the city issued the boil water notice at about 8 p.m. Thursday. The notice remained in place until laboratory test results came back Saturday morning.

Nalley estimated as many as 800,000 gallons could have been lost, but said exact readings will be gleaned after a careful review of losses in water plant production levels.