Pam Nobles Studios in Apalachicola rolled out the red carpet for its spring recital, held Saturday, June 2 at the Franklin County High School auditorium. It’s them “A Red Carpet Affair” featured performances ranging from the youngest children, to sheriff’s deputies, to senior citizens, and all ages in-between.

Among those dancers who took part were Maya Grace Ange, Wanda Barfield, Camille Davis, Brittany Edwards, Linda Griffin, Kalahn Kent, Skylar Layne, Jadyn Luberto, Linda Maloy, Shaylee Martina, Ava Neill, Patricia Perryman, Debby Ruffner, Pamela Theis, Rita Theis, Mya Huckeba, Emma Babbs, Kierstyn Cardin, Zara Carter, Ella Donahoe, Auna Martina, Charlotte Sparks, Hannah Ward, Olivia Poloronis, Hendrix Lynch, Ila-Dale Mixon, Keagen Siprell, Abigail Williams, Savanna Edwards, Ny’Ashia Davis, Khali McNair, Issy Nations, Finley Pharr, Debby Ruffner, Alonna Brown, Baileigh Dasher, Shaelyn Fowler, Kaci Brooke Harrell, Adrianna Hayes, Baylee Grace Kent, Madison Martina, Grady Pharr, Isabella Polous, Sienna Polous, Ethan Varnes, Lilly Willis, Holly Chambers, Evie-Morgan Price, June Gray, Keeli Bray, Iolana Burke, Layla Burke, Andie Chambers, Lillie Gaskill, Amelia Schoelles, Kate Ward, Zariah Harvey, Adacyn Cruse, Ella McClain, Sarah Carroll, Thea Croom, Kendylyn Crosby, Sophia Kembro, Anslee Lemieux, Ansleigh Long, Serenity Pouncey, Gabrielle Robinson, Hezekiah Akin, October Barnett, Jaylen Bradley, Macie Brooke Braswell, Aleyah Dooley, Kenzlie Jochim, Genesis Paz, Sarah Price, Leeah Ward, Lailah Wayt, Colette Wood, Krista Varnes, Andie Chambers, Curstin Lashley, Mahaylee Martina, Savannah Sparks, Helen Willis, Sara Ward, Maleah Carroll, Avarie Crum, Anah Moore, Aniah Jade Williams, Leandra Juliet Zambrano Buzbee, Alexis Overstreet, and Colette Wood.

The studio’s upcoming registration event will be Friday, Aug. 10, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. for all ages, from 18 months to 100 years. Instruction in Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip–Hop and Tumbling will be offered, with recitals, parades and festival performances all offered.

All classes meet weekly at Pam Nobles Dance Studio, 86 Market Street, Apalachicola. For more information, email to or call 653-8078.