A former Carrabelle police officer will spend the next five years in state prison, after being found guilty this spring of having sex with an underage female for whom he was serving as a foster parent.

On May 18, Circuit Judge Terry Lewis sentenced Glenn Darius May, 52, to eight years for sexual battery with a minor child, over age 12, for whom he was the custodial parent. May also was convicted of four counts of possession of child pornography, stemming from photos taken of him and the girl engaging in a sexual act. Each of those counts carried a sentence of five years, to be served concurrently with the sexual battery conviction.

Because May served two years and five months in jail awaiting trial, much of it in Wakulla and Leon counties, he was credited with time served, and is expected to be released on Dec. 14, 2023. The court also designated him as a sexual predator.

May, represented by Tallahassee attorney John Leace, pled no contest to the charges. He is incarcerated at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Lake City.

“I’m glad that he is serving time, he needs to serve time,” said May’s ex-wife Karen, following the sentencing. “I think it was an injustice, I think he deserved more time.

“He was a law enforcement officer, so he should have been held at a higher standard,” she said.

The prosecution of May dates back to Dec. 17, 2015, when he was arrested at his home by law enforcement personnel from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Carrabelle Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

May had begun with the department on a part-time basis in January 2013, and was hired on as fulltime six months later.

Karen May said she and her husband had known the girl for several years, prior to the time that the Department of Children and Families made the decision to place her with the Mays as a foster home.

“We went to church, we had known her since she was age 8 or 9,” said Karen May. “We knew this family, we had prayer meetings with this family. (Her biological mother) was on meth really bad, I was praying, trying to help her.”

As it turned out, the girl’s home life continued to deteriorate, and after a molestation incident with a family member, she was removed from the home by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The girl was moved to different residences, including the Florida Baptist Children’s Home for a spell, until DCF ultimately decided the Mays would be a good place for her to live, said Karen May.

“When we first got her she was 13 years old and weighed 60 pounds, malnourished, and had scoliosis bad,” she said.

Karen May said the girl underwent corrective surgeries in St. Petersburg that were successful, adding three inches to her height, and eventually learned to walk again.

“She was never taken out and bought new clothes,” said Karen May. “I got her hair fixed and it was like watching a little moth come out in a beautiful butterfly. She turned out to be a beautiful young lady.

“I never in a million years would have thought my husband would have touched her,” she said. “Even when it came out I didn’t believe it. I thought she had mental issues. When I finally believed it is when (I saw the photos). That’s when I knew without a doubt in my mind that he was guilty.”

Over time, Karen May had her suspicions, after her husband began ignoring her and devoted his attention to the girl, she said. “The two eventually became inseparable when he was not on duty,” read a police report at the time.

The report said Karen May, before she moved out of the house and separated from her husband, had confiscated her foster daughter’s cellphone. During the police investigation, she turned it over to FDLE, and the department’s computer forensic unit recovered text message and nude images on it. Police said the texts between the girl and Glenn May were of an amorous nature.

In addition, FDLE reported that four photographs recovered from the officer’s cellular telephone, and taken in June 2015 met the definition of child pornography, as they depicted the victim involved physically with May.

Members of May’s family, who were present in the courtroom at the time of sentencing, have cast doubt on the validity of the cell phone findings.

Carrabelle Police Chief Gary Hunnings said the matter was brought to his attention by a friend of the girl, who had shared details of the alleged sexual activity to adults. Statements made to FDLE by the friend suggested the victim boasted of having an ongoing sexual relationship.

Carrabelle police and the special agent from FDLE went to the home where May and the girl were living, during the evening while the officer was on duty. The girl refused to make a statement or to take a rape examination, and denied any sexual relationship with May. Later, May was interviewed at the police department and he too denied an inappropriate relationship.

According to Karen May, who divorced her husband in Aug. 2017 after a dozen years of marriage, the girl continued to keep the relationship alive even after Glenn May’s arrest and jailing in Wakulla County, and despite explicit instructions from the judge for them to have no contact..

“Even in Wakulla, they were calling from the jail, and they found a 13-page love letter, front and back,” said Karen May. She said the prosecutor in Wakulla declined to proceed with witness tampering charges.

“They had to drop those charges,” she said. “But she’s 18 now so they can have contact.”