A few evenings back I stepped onto my front porch and noticed a bat swooping back and forth, a sight I haven't seen in a long while. I used to see many of them at dusk gobbling up those tasty mosquitoes. One night back then I was playing tennis at our city court and we watched them scoop up insects attracted by the lights. I even had one make contact with my racquet when I leaped for a ball. Wild. I miss them and wonder if our bats have fallen in numbers due to a disease that is supposed to be affecting the population elsewhere. Or could it be that the latest rage in palm trimming (the Mohawk) is taking away their cover?

I read that bats love to nest/sleep under the huge fronds that hang down as they do naturally on the trees. I also read that it is detrimental to the health of the palm to take away these fronds, that the trees need them to keep the photosynthesis going. Maybe homeowners would be willing to stop if they knew the benefits (and saving them money) of not trimming.

Caroline Weiler