Crooked eyes crooked glasses

The cars continue streaming

Bringing rubber-necked masses


Cars from the north look at the plate

Always with good meaning

Next month it says Sunshine State


No buses no boats no shuttles or planes

How can we possibly escape?

No cars no trucks no transport no trains


Carrabelle is as far as Big Momma went

No Superman here no tights no cape

St. Joe is as far as her money was spent


West on ninety-eight north on three-nineteen

What does that say VRBO?

Nothing here for me nothing in between


House falling down lot now for sale

Cars keep coming driving slow

The court house steps pound the last nail


They say downtown is where it is at

Quick-serve PO and Honey Hole

For us there is no more than that


Electrician and plumber working fast

Leaving for us no where to go

Carpenters and contractors will it last?


Our roots are broken spirits too

There is no magical pill

Opportunity and hope way too few


Procrastination fornication segregation

Piece of the rock piece of the Hill

Aggravation disintegration gentrification


by Edward Michaels