A Franklin County jail inmate who Sheriff A.J. Smith helped coax down from a shooting incident at his Carrabelle home last month has now been charged with threatening to kill him and his family.

Daniel Gray, 31, was recorded on June 11 with vowing to kill Smith and his family and rape his adult daughter during a conversation with his mother, according to investigators.

Because Gray was one of 10 inmates who were sickened earlier this month after they smoked synthetic marijuana smuggled into the jail, his telephone calls were being closely monitored to learn more about that incident, Smith said.

“I think you need to tell that man that controls this place that I need to see my kids or I’m gonna g*****n kill his whole m*****f****** family,” Gray allegedly said on the telephone. “He’s gonna try and break my family? I will f****** kill him.

“What’s the maximum they gonna give me, 30 years? I’ll wait 30 g******n years to rape his f****** daughter,” he said.

Gray faces charges of making threats toward a public official.

He was arrested May 23 on three counts of attempted murder after firing into an occupied van 15 times and engaging deputies in a standoff while barricaded in a Carrabelle home for four hours. Smith eventually convinced Grey to surrender peacefully.

Smith said jail staff try to help inmates stay in contact with family, and monitor their telephone communications when need be.

“If they’re going to conduct criminal acts or make threats through phone calls or emails, we’re going to catch them and they’re going to be charged with additional crimes," Smith said. “I know it's just words, but when you hear the anger in his voice and how stirred up he was about it, it's pretty chilling."