Editor's note: This story is from the Saturday, July 26, 1913 edition of the Apalachicola Times.




St. Joe Comes With Special Trains and Large Crowd of Rooters – Locals in Need of Practice – Many Errors Cause Lose Contest – Each Team Has Won One Game. 

Wednesday last the Port St. Joe ball tossers on a special train accompanied by a good big crowd of rooters arrived at 4:30 and crossed bats at Porter’s Park with the local team. The line-ups were as follows: Apalachicola – Maddox, c.f; Hickey, r.f; Martina, l.f; H. Porter, p; R. Porter, s.s; H. Mohr, 2d b; Long, c; Elmore, 3rd b; R. Mohr, 1st b. St. Joe – Strong, l.f; Smith, 2d b; Nedley, s.s; Bass, 3rd b; Mitternight, p; J. W. Kensaw, c.f; C. E. Kensaw, c; Bynum, r.f; Pleoger, 1st b.


Game by Innings. 

The game opened with Porter in box and Long receiving for the locals. Strong at the bat and after getting two balls and winding a couple, tapped to short stop. That gent by an error allowed runner to reach first, steal second and third, and scores much to the pleasure of the rooters. Smith fanned. Nedley whiffed the air three time [sic] but tried to reach first before the backstop could get the ball but failed. Pleoger sent a liner to second, after slashing twice, and was cut off before reaching base, One run, no hits.

Mitternight tossing. Kensaw taking. Maddox up, punched at nothing two times, sent high fly to right, steals second. Hickey pounds out three big holes in the air, and Martina hits the same way and both “Go Away-and Back-and-Set-Down.” H. Porter secured first station by being hit with pitched ball, gets to second. R. Porter repeats the work of Hickey and Martina, and retires the side. 1 hits, no runs.

Second inning -- Bass tries one, then sends grounder to second, and by error of that gent arrives at first, but gets two friskey and is caught off the base and out. Mitternight gets credit for three bad ones, sends up a sky rocket back of second which is secured by pretty running catch. Out. J. W. Kensaw sent low liner to first and by error of bagman gets safe, steals second. Kensaw, C. E. struck at the three first offered, and where there never was a ball, and side out. No hits, no runs.

H. Mohr whollops three holes in the atmosphere. Long likewise. Elmore gets hit by pitched ball and awarded first. R. Mohr stabs the air just like H. Mohr and Long, died and the side is out. No hits, no runs.

Third inning – Baby Bynum steps to the front, makes a graceful bow to the grand stand and pops up the first one thrown and by error of first baseman gets safe on first and finally by easy stages pulls in at home plate, crediting the visitors with run No. 2. Strong makes three mighty efforts to find the pill but gets a seat on the bench. Smith sends liner to first and is favored with error of that postman and gets safe, works round to third. Nedley grounded to first and out. Pleoger hits safe to center. Smith, having worked round to third, attempts to get home, but after a lively and exciting chase on line, is tagged. One hit, one run.

Maddox popped to pitcher and ball is transferred to first ahead of him. Hickey again knocked three holes and rests on the bench. Martina dispatches a high fly to left, which is secured with pretty running catch. No hits, no runs.

Fourth inning – Bass tapped to pitcher and finds the ball awaiting him at first. Mitternight repeats the work of Bass and joins Bass on the bench. Kensaw thought the ball was where it was not, and joins Bass and Mitternight retiring side. No hits, no runs.

H. Porter caught the sphere in the right place for a clean two bagger, and finally crosses the plate giving the locals run No. 1. R. Porter taps a slow one to short stop and by that larkly fumbling it too long and then throwing it away, the runner goes away round to third. H. Mohr sends grounder to third which that guardian should have had in time to transfer it to first but failing to do lets runner get on first. He steals second and finally reports safe at home. Run No. 2 for locals. R. Porter in meantime has been cut off from plate. Long raps out a clean two bagger to right, gets to third and finds the ball ahead of him at finishing point. Elmore’s pop fly lands in mitt and side retired. 2 hits, 2 runs.

Fifth inning – Kensaw’s high fly to center field falls in mitt. Out. Big Bynum waltzed up but failing to pay his respects to the audience, slugged three times in space, put on the airbrakes, and backed up to the bench. Strong sent it lightly to third, and by wild throws of that gent in white, stepped on first. Smith whips air once, sends bounder to pitcher and is out at first. No hits, no runs.

R. Mohr lets the ball through the hole in his bat three times, and just for that is waved aside for Maddox who after two fruitless slashes pops to short stop and didn’t reach first. Hickey duplicated the act of Mohr and side out. No hits, no runs.

Sixth inning – Nedley hits to right safe at first and by wild throw lands on second. Pleoger flourishes the willow in Ty Cobb style, strikes three times where Porter was not putting them, and is side-tracked for Bass, who sends up fly to short stop which never reaches the ground. Mitternight connects for a high one to center field which lands in a mitt. 1 hit, no runs.

Martina stabs twice and rolls one to pitcher and is out at first. H. Porter fans the air twice and is given a free pass to first, and is caught attempting to steal second. R. Porter strikes in the wrong place three times, and side out. No hits, no runs.

Seventh inning – Kensaw sends a bounder to pitcher, retires. Kensaw No. 2 fails to connect twice, hits to right and safe on first, gets round to third, and is cut off at home. Baby Bynum again comes up bowing and smiling, gets credit for a wide one, sends grounder to pitcher again plays lucky by that gent throwing over second, allowing the Engineer to pull in at the terminal station without even a hot box. Score 3 for St. Joe. Strong taps to pitcher but gets safe on first. Smith hits to right, Strong fails to run in home ahead of ball and side retires. 2 hits, 1 run.

H. Mohr again viciously cuts three slices of wind, and with a Far-Away-Look returned to resting place. Long stabbed twice, hits to right, safe on first, steals second. Elmore draws a seat on the bench for failing to find where Kensaw was putting them. R. Mohr performs the same stunt and retires the side. One hit, no runs.

Eighth inning – Nedley sends the ball away up in the air over catcher, who by pretty work secures it. Pleoger puts on such a dangerous look that he is allowed to walk to first steals second. Bass stabs nothing twice, sends liner over first which should have been received by baseman, goes to second by wild throw of R. fielder. Pleoger arrives safe at plate, scoring the fourth run of his team. Mitternight stabs once, and sends up a very high one to left garden which Martina gets under. O. K. Kensaw strikes 1 2 3 and out. No hits, 1 run.

Maddox swings bravely, heavily and uselessly three times. Hickey trumps in and Martina passes. Side out. No hits, no runs.

Ninth inning – Kensaw No. 2 pounds the air a couple of hard ones, lines one to mitt of third bagger. Bynum found the ball but for want of steam only got it to pitcher who sent it by wireless to first in time to flag down the heavy weight. Strong was not strong in batting and retired the side by three whifs [sic] in the air. No hits, no runs.

H. Porter drew three wild ones, hit to center field and by error of wild throws pulls up safely at third bag. R. Porter popped to catcher and is out. Floyd, batting for Mohr, slashes twice in vain and gets to first by a free pass. Long fails on two and is out on fly to first. R. Mohr goes down by fly to short stop. Game over.

Total – Port St. Joe 4, Apalachicola 2.

Umpires – Sheridan and Fannin.


Notes of the Game. 

For want of space we have only reported a few of the errors.

The St. Joe bunch had a jolly lot of rooters. Their Mascot, Suskins, was ever on his job on the firing line.

More evidence that practice between games is essential.

Port St. Joe evens up the games. Who will win the final of three?

More advertising would have resulted in more gate reciepts [sic].

The batterys did fairly good work throughout the game.

Games are generally advertised to start at 3:30, but never get under way before 4:15 or later, which causes many to stay away as such delay makes them too late getting home, therefore gate receipts are cut down.

No one should be allowed in front of stands and wire except players and others connected with the game, then less confusion would result.