John Clark does not believe there’s a flood coming, or anything like that. He just had to move a houseboat he’s building from off a wharf on St. George Island.

Like Noah. drawing attention from his neighbors, Clark built it in his yard on the island, and a friend was nice enough to let him use dock space after that. But now Clark had to move it, and that’s why it’s sitting there now, across the river from the Tin Shed.

“Right now it’s not finished,” he said, ticking off a list of touches, including air conditioning, he still has to do. “I didn’t know what moving would do to it. I didn’t know what flexing that houseboat would do," he said.

The boat got bounced from Regatta Park, the old ferry dock at the center of the island, after the mover, J. P. Stone, took it down there, not heeding Clark’s warning that no boat launching was allowed there.

“He said it’s not a boat, it’s a house,” Clark said. “The sheriff showed up, he was real nice.”

So there it sits, across the water, as Clark decides what he’s going to do next. “If the river’s right and the tide’s right I can always swim over for beer,” he said. - By David Adlerstein