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Marie Langley: Wish it was a Whole Foods instead of this.

Jacob Leblanc: I feel like, while there are certainly customers for this, it’s also not game-changing. People aren’t redecorating their homes constantly around here.

Raquel Carbajal Omer: Maybe we don’t because we don’t have many options. Well, now we do.

Jacob Leblanc: Possibly. But still, once you get everything you want, how often are you going to keep going back for more replacements?

Raquel Carbajal Omer: My friends and I talk about decor very often. .Most women do. I think I’ve changed my living room multiple times this year.

Jacob Leblanc: Must be nice to have that kind of money. “I dont like my living room. I’m going to go buy all new stuff.”

Raquel Carbajal Omer: I’m not rich! It’s a store like Marshall’s and HomeGoods that allows me to get nice things for cheap.

Karin Gove Holzberg: Seems pretty game-changing to me since people won't have to travel to the New Orleans area to find this store now. There’s going to be lots of redecorating at reasonable prices going on around here now.

Marie Langley: Exactly what I thought.

Jacob Leblanc: I wish there were this much excitement when I worked at Toys R Us in the mall.

Karin Gove Holzberg: Toys R Us ain't dere no more.

Darcus Rogers Landry: Seasonal decorating is popular, and like others have stated. it is not expensive.

Jacob Leblanc: I’m aware. I was there when it closed in 2015. Was there for three years, but people didn’t shop enough except at Christmas.

Karin Gove Holzberg: I know. They just closed the one in Metairie too. So it really ain’t dere no more now.

Karin Gove Holzberg: Though I will say I will miss Books A Million.

Heather Gregoire Adams: They took away our Books A Million and Joe Muggs for this. Should have kept BAM. Bring stuff we actually need here.

Tracy Bachman: Books A Million just changed the name, and it is still in Houma but across the street.

Heather Gregoire Adams: It’s not the same without Joe Muggs.

Abby L. Naquin: It’s basically an entire store of the home section of Marshall’s. It’s fantastic.

Jynell Phillips Romero: Anyone know the opening date?

Shawn Garner: Tuesday Morning won’t last.

Joann Blanchard: Yes, and I love it. There is one in Mobile, Ala., that I loved going to.

Judith Lewis: About time. We need more of this. More jobs, more options.

Darcus Rogers Landry: Yep, and I cannot wait.

Stacey Bernard: Could you please tell me what they sell?

Judith Lewis: Home decor accessories, pillows, rugs and such.

Donna Loring: We have one here in Lafayette. Super nice.

Joann Blanchard: If only we could get a Home Store also, and an Old Time Pottery.

Brintonie Prestenbach: Yes! Love Old Time Pottery!

Raquel Carbajal Omer: RIP to my husband’s money.

Nadine Blanchard: My favorite store.

Joshua Pennison: I’d rather Books A Million back.

Marie Langley: Me too!

Debbie Guidry: Yeah!

Jacqueline Goolsby Baca: Awesome store.

Monchelynn Marie Carbajal: This is awesome.

Karen Diggs: My favorite store.

Beth Barrilleaux Dover: Yep! Love it!

Ed N Amy McGee: Love this store! Lots of good stuff!

Julie Prejean: Yes!