Several years ago the school board unanimously approved a minimal invasive uniform dress code for various reasons that have not changed today. However, there is one reason that stands out today, that is Safety.

I remember several years ago while I was still teaching, I saw a group of students, including the teachers from another school, at the Carrabelle beach park all wearing bright yellow tee shirts. I spoke to one of the teachers who informed me they required all students, teachers and chaperones to wear the shirts when on field trips for safety reasons. If someone entered the group that was not supposed to be there, they would stand out. With the current emphasis on school safety, it would seem apparent that school uniforms are still an important item.

With safety being an important issue, it may be important to modify the uniform requirements to standard colors for each grade level. With different colored shirts as it is now, an unauthorized person would not stand out as readily.

David Hinton

Retired school board member