the Franklin County High School Class of 2018 harvested more than $330,500 in scholarship help for their post-secondary pursuits, as local donors teamed with colleges and the military at the ninth annual senior recognition night May 17.

Following the processional, the 60 seniors were led by Hannah Westbrook in the Pledge of Allegiance, and vice principal Shelly Miedona in the National Anthem, before valedictorian Madison Burt led the invocation, and class president Ethan Moses offered the welcome.

Superintendent Traci Moses offered greetings, followed by Leigh Smith, chair of the graduation committee, recognized those staffers who retired this year.

After teachers handed out departmental awards, for the top students in English, math, social studies, science, culinary arts and digital design, Principal Jill Rudd and guidance counselor Melanie Copeland, announced the names of those students who achieved highest honors, high honors and honors. Jaime Duhart read off the names of members of the National Honor Society, and Karyl Gavigan the names of those in Beta Club.

Rudd and Copeland, together with School Board Chair Stacy Kirvin, presented medals honoring Burt as class valedictorian, and Faith Sapp as salutatorian.

Sawyer Stultz read the class poem, Robert Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled,” and then several scholarships were presented, followed by a passing of the torch through a candlelighting ceremony between class officers of 2018 and 2019.

The following is a list of the scholarships and awards, the name of the presenter and the recipients: 

• Apalachicola Bay Charter School (Chimene Johnson) two $500 awards to Brooke Martina and Faith Sapp

• Apalachicola Bay Rotary Club (Chimene Johnson) $1,000 award to Christian Amison

• Apalachicola Masonic Lodge #76 (Leigh Smith) $500 award to Allison Ray

• Biletnikoff Award (Melanie Copeland) one $6,500 award to Lucas Sasnett

• Carr Memorial (Roderick Robinson) $2,000 award to Simon Hodgson

• Centennial Bank (Michelle Sizemore) two $500 awards to Madison Burt and Lucas Sasnett

• Consolidated Communications (Chris Williams) $60 award to Faith Sapp

• Delta Kappa Gamma (Lydia Countryman) $500 award to Michaela Cassidy

• Denim for Scholars (Jill Rudd) 10 $550 awards to Christian Amison, Madison Burt, Michaela Cassidy, Elijah Grier, Brooke Martina, Ethan Moses, Audrianna Penamon, Genevieve Printiss, Faith Sapp and Madison Smith

• Eastpoint Church of God (Scott Shiver) $1,000 award to Nathan Jones

• Florida Seafood Festival (Carl Whaley) five $500 awards to Christian Amison, Madison Burt, Brianna Garrett, Ethan Moses, Faith Sapp

• Franklin County School Nutrition Association (April Dalton) two $500 awards to Shazmine Windham and Harper Westbrook

• Franklin County School Trust (Melanie Copeland) two $1,000 awards to Joseph Martinez and Harper Westbrook

• Franklin County School Board (Stacy Kirvin) five $1,000 awards to Elijah Grier, Faith Sapp, Sawyer Stultz, Madison Burt and Madison Smith

• Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (Leigh Smith) $500 award to Madison Smith

• Franklin County Tourist Development Council (Brenda La Paz) two $500 awards to Ethan Moses and Shazmine Windham

• Franklin / Gulf Retired Educations Association (Elinor Mount Simmons) $500 award to Michaela Cassidy

• Friends of the Franklin County Public Library (Kathleen Oman) $1,000 Eileen Annie Ball Scholarship to Landon Nash

• Friendship Missionary Baptist Church (Fonda Davis) $300 award to Audrianna Penamon

• H’COLA (Brenda Ash) $300 award to Audrianna Penamon

• Jacobie O’Neal Memorial Scholarship (Fonda Davis) $500 award to Mia Cummings

• Loretta Taylor Memorial (Dwayne Coulter) $1,000 award to Chance White

• New Life Church (Tami Ray Hutchinson) $250 award to India Sewell

• Oreon Ash Memorial Minority Scholarship (Roderick Robinson) $500 award to India Sewell

• Philaco Women’s Club (Melanie Copeland) two $1,000 awards to Sallie Rose Paul and Lucas Sasnett

• St. Patrick Catholic Church (Dr. Ryan Pharr): $1,000 award to Christian Amison

• Sometimes It’s Hotter Seasoning Culinary Scholarship (Charolette Bacher) $2,000 award to Harper Westbrook

• Tate’s Hell State Forestry/Florida Forestry Scholarship (David Morse) four year tuition at Florida university to Genevieve Printiss

• Tyler Biggins Scholarship (Melanie Copeland) $500 award to Sawyer Stultz

• Take Stock in Children (Roderick Robinson) four-year scholarship to Simon Hodgson

• Willie Speed Memorial (Oryan Speed) $500 award to Audrianna Penamon

• Gulf Coast State College Navigators Award (Michelle Sizemore) three $1,400 awards to Landon Chisholm, Makenzie Shuman and Harper Westbrook

• Gulf Coast State College (Michelle Sizemore) 10 $1,400 awards to Tylynn Gillikin, Brooke Martina, Joseph Martinez, Ethan Moses, Landon Nash, Andrew Nguyen, Audrianna Penamon, Faith Sapp, Madison Smith, Chance White

• CareerSource Gulf Coast (Valentina Webb) 17 awards of one-year college tuition to Jordan Alexander, Shontell Bass, Haden Daniels, Evangelina Ducker, Jack Harris, Brooke Martina, Joseph Martinez, Landon Nash, Andrew Nguyen, Sallie Rose Paul, Audrianna Penamon, Faith Sapp, Alyssia Shirah, Makenzie Shuman, Lauren Tarantino, Shazmine Windham and Allie Zingarelli