Who does know?

When I would ask my Momma a question she didn’t know the answer to, she would say, “Who knows.”

My Momma always told me “When God closes a door, He always opens another.”

I always thought, “Thank you Momma, but what baloney.”

Then in my life adversity struck. I was forlorn and shipwrecked on the sea of life. I moved to Apalach maybe to get away, but really to get back in touch. Apalach is where you can get back in touch. And so, I did.

On a blind date I met a young lady from my past who I should have gotten together with way back then. But, do you know why I didn’t? Because I was dumb, young men are dumb, and I was so dumb it was pitiful. This time I wasn’t so dumb and we are together. How could we would ever meet again?

Who knows? But we did.

I do now know who knows, God knows.

This is a song written by one of her friends.


God Knows

One chapter slowly turns to two

Thank God, my story still has you

In the pages of my life

We grow and joy sorrow comes and goes

And our love remains, God knows


From every season comes a change

Bring down the curtain clear the stage

As the players rearrange

Take heart, just in time we know our part

And that’s the way it goes, God knows


When we’re face to face, we leave

The world out there

Hold me close, embrace me

Like a peaceful prayer


I heard an ancient sailor say

Don’t the weather wait a day

Like a pilgrim passing through

Stay true, keep your loved close to you

As the tempest blows, God knows.


Your friend,

Capt. Gill