Last week’s Letter to the Editor by me (See May 10 Times, “County needs ‘meaningful forward progress’”) could have been less aggressive. Compounding that was the wrong version got posted on Facebook through my own error that hurt a lot of people. For that I am truly sorry. It would be wrong and incorrect to infer that the children of Franklin County are destined to be criminals, because that’s not true. Are there too many people here that have a record? Absolutely. Does Franklin County have problems that keep us high on several bad lists? Absolutely.

But, let me share with you that I meet hundreds of Franklin County citizens each year. People come to me with their problems, stories, joys and sorrows. All of these people matter to me because they tell me too many stories of lost opportunities, unfairness, no one to talk to and their personal fears at their health and safety. I have had a mother come to me about her son found shot to death in Tate’s Hell. I have had attorneys come to me and ask for my help in getting to the bottom of who gets arrested and who does not, people who could not get a job with the school or county government and more. Through the years, many stories have affected how I view things. I think many of you have that sense of frustration and futility. Please don’t give up. It is you that have the voice and ability to effect change when you band together for change.

This does not excuse the over-the-top hyperbole that got posted by mistake on Facebook. Cooler heads help me to lighten it up a bit. Some of you agree with some of what I stated in our Letter to the Editor, some all, some none. Personally, 15 years ago I was thrust into the role of CCFC president after I was personally targeted by someone in county government that wanted to make an example of an outsider stepping outside of his role, which was to be seen and not heard. I, and the hundreds of CCFC members, am a microcosm of Franklin County residents. We have teachers, medical practitioners, firemen, businesspeople, a few seafood workers and the broad spectrum of others that form the backbone of this great area that I call home.

Please accept my apology. You won’t bat a .1000 all the time. Please believe that my only interest is an equal start for all Franklin County citizens, fair opportunity for all, great schools that give kids real options, and safety from all the people that knowingly or not risk our safety.

Thank you for your understanding,

Allan Feifer

President, Concerned Citizens of Franklin County, Inc.