The following letter was sent last week to members of the Franklin County School Board.

My wife and I are building a house at the corner of 10th St. and Ave. L and would like to weigh in on the proposal of the Historic Apalachicola Plat Preservation’s offer to buy the streets and alleys in a portion of the old high school grounds in exchange for teacher housing.

Before we say something about this proposal we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your work on the school board and your commitment to our children’s education. This is a heartfelt and true thanks as, in our lives as teachers and particularly as professors in a community college, whenever we met K-12 teachers we made sure to thank them for their hard work in preparing their students to continue their education with us - or to take whatever path they chose in their lives. Many are indebted to your work.

We have heard about the difficulties you‘ve gone through in finding housing for teachers that you’ve wanted to hire. You can imagine how this state of affairs saddens us, as lifelong educators. However, we’ve been heartened by the community’s outpouring of support for this proposal, which to us is so good- hearted, positive, helpful, and education-minded.

We won’t go into the concerns that you have already heard about the Denton Cove proposal. They are many and serious. You know the kinds of stress their project would have on our community’s existing services. HAPPI’s proposal is a bold and creative step in the direction of solving crucial issues that you face as educators and that our children and grandchildren, alongside you, face every day.

Please support the HAPPI proposal. Our students deserve the best. We truly hope that the HAPPI’s approach and project will be a harbinger of good times ahead for the school system and the town of Apalachicola.


Kerk Fisher and Freddie Hoskins