The Apalachicola Area Historical Society will welcome their second speaker this Sunday, April 29 at 4 p.m. at the Raney Carriage House, 128 Market Street.

David Fowler, whose five volumes set covers Florida-related excerpts from the Niles’ Weekly Register, which was published between 1811 and 1849. This national publication, in its Florida postings cover the birth of this state, with thousands of articles, letters, narratives, anecdotes and personal exposes. Fowler's website is, or visit

Fowler’s interests include many early Florida-related subjects, like the journal of Andrew Elliott (available on which provides insight into the creation of the boundary between the United States and Spanish Florida. The “Ellicott Stone," one of the last remaining of many markers, is a National Register Site in Mobile, Alabama. Fowler also writes on the history of the Fort Mims Massacre of 1813, which was a precursor to the first Seminole War.

His topic for this talk will be the history of the Apalachicola area. The historical society, during the course of this year, is brining interested individuals together to elarn mroe about the area's history. The third Speaker, in May, is Kent Thompson, a tireless researcher and prolific author.

Don’t forget the AAHS puts on the Spring Ghost Walk at the Chestnut Street Cemetery, Saturday, May 5, the same Saturday as the Trinity Tour of Homes.