Superintendent of Franklin County Schools Traci Moses has written a great letter calling for Florida counties to remain the freedom to elect superintendents of schools (See pg. A4, Feb. 1, 2018 Times "State shouldn’t mandate appointed superintendents"); Ms. Moses’ constituents in Franklin should read her opinion piece in the Times, and they will see the quality of our elected superintendent. This situation is analogous to how we view the need for one person/one vote for the selection of our county sheriffs in the United States.

The principle of electing certain county officials goes back to English Common Law which demanded an election. "Some state constitutions specifically provide for the office of sheriff, and state legislatures frequently establish conditions of office. Sheriffs are typically chosen in a county election," reads an article on the subject.

Actually, only two states fail to have elections of the chief law enforcement officers. In Alaska, the function is fulfilled by state troopers, and in Connecticut the state police have usurped the role of the local sheriff.

We should all contact the Florida Commissioner of Education, Ms. Pamela Stewart, and politely request that she reverse her position in reference to P33 (the proposal to mandate appointment of superintendents by school boards). She is at the Florida Department of Education, 325 West Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400, or can be reached by email at

Please be polite if write a letter, or send an email. All capital letters, especially in electronic communications, is considered rude. I will email the commissioner myself, and point her to Superintendent Moses’ article.

Homer Inman McMillan II

Attorney at Law

Admitted in North Dakota

Admitted in Florida