February 2017 we acquired two baby goats not yet weaned because one’s mom was killed by dogs and the other’s mom got badly injured. They cried for days for their moms but finally got used to us. They have been a joy to us and the neighbors watching them play together.

On Wednesday. Dec. 20, while we were volunteering to transport puppies for the Franklin County Humane Society, we got a call from our neighbors that big dogs had jumped our fence (four foot topped by barbed wire) and attacked our goats. They killed one and would have the other if not for one brave neighbor chasing the dogs off.

The injured goat was comforted by a little boy that sat on a chair next to the fence until we got home. Animal control was called and took pictures. He said he’d patrol for the dogs.

I thought we had a leash law in Franklin County. We can’t walk in our neighborhood (Tip Tucker Road) for fear of dogs. I fear for children playing in their yards. Fences are no protection.

The injured goat will survive but he cries almost constantly for his brother. I hope the dogs’ owners felt shame when their dogs came home that night with blood on their faces.

If anyone has a goat family and would like another member, let us know. Ours is very lonely.

Carol Odel