The Jingle Jog Carrabelle 5k Run/Walk was well attended on Saturday morning, despite the unseasonably chilly weather.

Runners and walkers gathered in front of the Carrabelle Senior Center and ran a course that took them along the waterfront, through lovely forested side streets and circled back around to the center.

Eastpoint local Damien Freeman won the overall and men’s titles with a time of 22:02 and Angela Gattie from Leesburg, Georgia won the women’s division with a time of 25:03.

A total of 57 participants finished the course with a few more opting for a shorter distance so they could support family and friends as they ran and walked. All of the racers and friends enjoyed pancakes, fruit and other breakfast food inside the senior center after the race.

Money raised will go to support programs at Carrabelle Senior Center.

Jingle Jog 5k 2017

Damien Freeman 22:02.3 Arden Olson 22:15.4 Austin Gray 23:30.4 Jason Meadows 23:33.0 Angela Gattie 25:03.4 Nancy Lewis 26:25.6 Kristen Brittain 26:46.0 Chelsea Marshall Hirvela 28:22.6 Susana Lewis 29:11.7 Linda Wang 29:40.4 Sherry Olson 29:53.4 Kimberly Russell 30:49.8 Beth Maige 30:50.3 Fred McClendon 30:52.6 Diane Meagh 32:35.8 Jenny Hidle 32:48.0 Katie Herzog 32:54.3 Carson Gattie 33:44.0 Nathan Lewis 34:42.8 Angie Harrell 35:11.6 Sean Whatley 35:49.6 Kristin Litteral 35:59.5 Anthony Foster 36:01.0 Missy Cumbie 38:23.3 Skip Frink 40:44.4 Kathleen Morris 41:51.8 Barbara Sanders 42:02.0 Elijah Rankin 43:43.1 Ben Seligson 44:02.5 Amy Seligson 44:08.1 Carmen Clemente 44:09.6 Marsha Arnold 44:14.2 Carol Vice 44:15.8 Journey Wagner 45:28.8 Stacey Whatley 45:40.3 Kate Aguiar 46:03.2 Ed Aguiar 46:03.7 Marian Morris 46:45.9 Glenda Kelly Rankin 47:51.6 Lee Cumbie 47:58.9 Kathleen Oman 50:18.6 Keith Whatley 50:29.2 Robin Hall 51:19.6 Melanie Humble 51:25.3 Lesley Cox 51:26.2 Autumn Rankin 51:43.2 Emily Chentnik 52:49.4 Maxine Chentnik 52:50.4 Cindy Sullivan 53:30.1 Linda Bove 57:16.9 Jill Rees 57:18.6 Carolyn Swan 57:20.4 Jean Rosenow 57:51.6 Jaki Cichy 57:54.9 Jean Newton 1:06:31.0 Vernia Moore 1:06:33.7 Anne Marsh 1:06:36.1