On Saturday, Oct. 28, 135 guests attended a special afterhours event at the Orman House State Historic Site.

Representatives of the KnightEyes Paranormal Investigations, seen here in black, guided guests through the old house demonstrating ghost-busting equipment and explaining their findings from an extended visit in March.

After hours of reviewing audio and video tapes, the KnightEyes crew said they detected the ghost of a 7-year old girl near the old brick well in the Orman backyard that was not seen at the time of the March investigation.

Ranger Mike Kinnett said the crowd was enthralled by the peek into paranormal investigation and although one woman ran out of the house in tears, she returned shortly afterwards.

In a Facebook posting the Knghteyes investigators wrote. “First off, thank you Apalachicola! The people were great, we enjoyed the questions and conversation, and in conclusion we would love to see everyone again sometime. A few tour visitors left with some "odd" photos snapped inside as they walked around and we sincerely thank everyone who came out.”