He’s one of the biggest TV stars in Japan, host of the popular Sunday evening comedy reality show commonly known as “Itte Q,” and he was on hand for Saturday’s oyster eating contest.

He didn’t win it.

In fact, he barfed.

Dressed in an outfit that sported the Japanese word for “festival” on the back, Daisuke Miyagawa ate 129 oysters and looked to be cruising right along when too many kaki got to him.

“Sorry, sorry,” said Miyagama to the crowd, who cheered him on throughout. Emcee Dan Garlick paid tribute to the comedian’s pluck and the crowd roared.

Miyagawa had down his with ponzu sauce, a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce and lemon, and was having a grand time of it, smiling and leaping in the air, taking swigs of water, up until disaster struck.

“His gut was too full,” said his translator, part of an extensive crew from NTV in Tokyo that came to film. “He was hoping to swallow them whole.”

The translator said Miyagawa loved the clean, crisp taste of the oysters, a popular dish in Japan, although costing about three times the price of the American variety.

Miyagawa, a popular film actor and comedian with a large television following, makes it a point to take part in festival competitors around the world, as part of "The Festival" segment on his show, which  translates to “Quest at the End of the World.”

A spokesman said the show has documented more than 100 festivals in more than 40 countries all over the world. He’s thrown tomatillos in Spain, stomped grapes in Ohio and tossed watermelons in Australia.

"Quest at the End of the World" is among Japan's highest-rated show, and airs on Nippon TV, Japan's largest TV network.

Miyagawa regularly tries to win competitions for the Festival segment, He’s taken part in lobster eating competition in Maine, an orange festival in Italy, a corn dog festival in America and a green onion festival in France.