October was National Bullying Prevention month, and the Apalachicola Bay Charter School marked it in fine fashion.

Principal Chimene Johnson said that this is an important time for schools across the nation to take extra time to focus on what bullying looks like, how to take a stand, and who to turn to for help.

"At ABC School, we aim higher to teach our students empathy and promote being kind," she said.

Johnson said throughout the month we joined forces to Color ABC Kind with our Color Run, a color spirit week, student-created videos and art, and this year a colorful display of students and staff joined together to create the words BE KIND for an aerial photo.

ABC School spirit color week is also during Red Ribbon Week, so the focus is joining together in Kindness and against drugs and bullying. Each day color day had a special meaning that visually showed students and staff joining together. On Think Pink, students showed their power against bullying in pink.

For White or Black Out Bullying and Drugs, they topped it off unique hat, to show students work together to end bullying by erasing all hurtful words and actions by dressing in white or black. They also showed their own uniqueness making a statement against drugs and bullies with a unique hat.

On Orange Unity Day, students wore orange to make a statement! Together against bullying. United for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

On Red Up with your shades, students and staff wore a red shirt and shades to show they will speak UP against bullying and keep UP a drug-free bright future. With a future so bright, they got to wear shades.

The last day of the spirit week classes teamed up in kindness and a drug-Free life with their class colors. In the morning with everyone sporting their class color ABC joined forces on the old Aplachicola High School football field banding together to create a powerful statement to put in action, BE KIND.

That afternoon the students ended the day celebrating their accomplishments in the gym.

ABC School students and staff joined forces to Color ABC School Kind. One act of kindness has the power to change lives and we may never know how far it will reach.