Happy birthday to one of God’s little angels, Alina Marie Pelt, who turned 8 on Monday, Oct. 23, 2017.

She is still in the care of her granny Mary Lou King. She is the daughter of Mary Nowling and Willie Pelt.

She has a sister Shirah Pelt; and four brothers Obie Lee Pelt, Steven Pelt, and John and Andrew Pelt.

Grandparents are Aline Russell and William Murray, Kendell Shiver, and Steven Pelt. Now with the Lord are grandparents Mary Pelt, Ottis E. Russell II, and Wayne Nowling,

Great-grandparents are Mary Lou King, Bill Murray and Jean Shiver. Now with the Lord are great-grandparents Charles E. King Sr., John Shiver, and Ruby Murray.

The late great-great-grandmother, Blach Caldwell, is now with the Lord.

Alina is a very happy little girl who is very happy with her Granny Mary Lou and brother Obie.

Happy birthday, God bless.

Granny Mary Lou, Mama, Obie and all your friends and family.