This letter is directed to the Franklin County Commissioners. The weekend before Hurricane Irma arrived, my wife and I tried to launch our boat at the public ramp at Eastpoint. The boat trailer dropped off into a three-to-four foot hole resulting in a broken axle. Had it not been for some helpful county workers at the ramp, we would have never gotten our vehicle and trailer out.

We were befriended by some extraordinary Eastpoint people. Charles Pennycuff (Fisherman's Choice) was taking his boat out and came to our assistance. He contacted Luther Hatfield and they were able to put our boat on an empty trailer and pull it out and load our boat trailer on another trailer. Mr. Hatfield dropped what he was doing and spent the day building a new axle for our trailer. They had our boat back in the water by late afternoon. What they did to assist strangers reassured us that there are still good people around.

There are two excellent public launches in Apalachicola and one on St. George Island. Visitors that launch at Eastpoint need a safe ramp but more importantly the good people of Eastpoint deserve a decent ramp to launch from. Hopefully the county commission will do the right thing and fund a safe boat launch for Eastpoint. Until that launch is built or the existing launch repaired, there needs to be a sign warning of the hole.

Bill Ferguson

Morristown, Tennessee