Q. I’m interested to know if your records reflect an increase in property sales this year and please explain how to see your Official Records on-line?

A. A check of our computer records reflected that in the calendar year 2016, through Sept. 15, we recorded 1,005 deeds. For that same time period in 2017, we recorded 1,065 deeds, which indicates an increase in property sales.

As to total official instruments recorded for those same time periods, we recorded 4,456 instruments in through Sept. 15,, 2016, and 4,758 through Sept. 15, 2017. For comparison, I looked back at my records for this same time period from 2000 to now. The record year for deeds was 2004 with a number at 2,249 deeds.

At the clerk’s office, we make every effort possible to ensure the public has access to our Official Records. Official records are defined as those instruments required or authorized to be recorded in one general series called “Official Records” at the county level. Instruments such as deeds and mortgages are among those recorded here.

If you wish to get a copy of your deed or to see other records, you may go online to my website, www.franklinclerk.com. Look down under the menu icons on the left and click on “Records Search Court & Official”. Another screen will appear and select “Official Records Search.” Another screen will appear and click on “Search Now” in the blue box. You can then complete whatever information you have available to you and click on “Search.” There are different criteria for your search and you can also search in other Florida counties. You must select a county when inputting your criteria. Your search results will appear and you can select an instrument and click on “View Image,” and that instrument’s image will appear on screen.

The Franklin County Clerk’s Office allows you to print a copy of the images without a charge. There are also benefits to becoming a subscriber versus a non-subscriber on Official Records such as discounted fees, monthly billing, and detailed financial reports that businesses may prefer. Click on “Become a Subscriber.”

If you have any questions or comments about this column, please forward them to: Marcia Johnson, Clerk of the Court, 33 Market Street, Ste. 203, Apalachicola, FL 32320, or by email to: mmjohnson@franklinclerk.com. Visit the Clerk’s website at www.franklinclerk.com.