This open letter is in response to Mary Lou Short, whose letter to the editor of May 11 (See “Why not visit Franklin County, Mr. Trump?”) is a classic example of drawing attention to yourself with your multiple self-righteous platitudes... exactly what liberal- socialists rely on for their self-worth; attaching yourself to social service issues (whether you are associated with them or not) making you feel justified, warm, cozy.

All of your liberal socialist proclamations are nothing more than a whining set of efforts to ridicule and bring down America. Where is your patriotism? Your extended comments as to what you would do to see to the needs of the president of the United States should he visit Franklin County are on the same level as a second grader would write. Your candidate lost on Nov. 8. Be an adult. Have some character. Mr. Trump simply outworked Hillary as well as capitalized on her early on dismissal of any interest or reliance on the middle class white vote. Hillary’s air of Democratic superiority simply bought the farm.

You claim to be a Christian yet you vote for abortion. How can that be? You voted for Obama twice and then Hillary, the two biggest supporters of Planned Parenthood, the wanton murderer of helpless babies. The unborn are sometimes referred to as a “quick” human and are recognized in both the Nicene Creed and Apostles' Creed, as well as legally, can be named and identified in order to create asset values for an unborn child, referred to as a “quick child.” Shame on you and everyone else who supports abortions, amounting to over 25 million murders since 1972. What a major hypocrisy for all Democrat-voting “Christians.” Jesus hates hypocrites most of all. God will decide about you.

You “Blue Dog Democrats” love to hide behind that label, but by so registering you are supporting Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama and Hillary, even though you reserve the right to vote for the individual on the local scene. As you well know America is seriously divided due to the intentional efforts of the Democratic Party You are who you are, and under no circumstances represent the best interest of our country You who want to revise the Constitution, openly defy our national laws with sanctuary cities, and intentionally work for racial division, are not true Americans, and instead are working to turn our magnificent country into one of socialism. Such liberals need to move to Venezuela where the end result of socialism is today causing starvation among its citizens and death for many newborns due to not enough money for hospital incubators. Socialism is a paradise until you run out of other people’s money.

None of your leaders have bothered to point this out. Their greed to twofold; 1) Great Wealth (theirs, not yours) and 2) Unquestioned World Power. George Soros, Hillary and Obama care nothing about you. You are merely their puppets and slaves. They have you, the liberal masses, hypnotized Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin agreed they could not have taken control of their countries without promising their ground troops an easy life… these were the masses they indoctrinated and referred to as their "necessary idiots."

How does it feel to be taken in and duped? It's time for you to look in the mirror and wise up, rather than being a Benedict Arnold. Accept reality. Be honest. Become more of an independent individual rather that an “occupy” person, promoting fecal riots and chanting the contrived messages from a liberal think-tank.

As far as David Adlerstein, he is himself Fake News, which I have told him personally; every time he gives twice as much exposure to liberal candidates as he does for conservative candidates.

Remember, first of all, we are all Americans. Let’s have the patriotism, courage and faith of the Greatest Generation. This will save America.

Speaking of hypocrisy, I dare all liberals to read Obama’s personal autobiography, pages 80-105 that specifically quote his multiple racist remarks expressing animosity against white people. Yet he continually spoke out against racism for eight years. Read it and see for yourself. Furthermore study the 8 principles for destroying America by Saul Alinsky and know that his advice was Obama’s primary mentor there in South Chicago; as well as Alinsky was honored as Hillary’s subject for her thesis at Wellesley. Get educated. Know the facts. Be honest enough to honor and support what is right. Fly the American flag.

Yours in Saving America,

Frank Venable