The Franklin County High School Class of 2017 harvested hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship help for their post-secondary pursuits, as local donors teamed with colleges and the military at the eighth annual senior recognition night May 16.

Following the processional, the 57 seniors were led by Melody Hatfield in the Pledge of Allegiance, and Myranda McLeod in the National Anthem, befoRe Class President mAXWELL dAVIS offered the invocation and welcome.

Assistant Principal Jill Rudd read greetings from Superintendent Traci Moses, who was absent due to a statewide superintendent meeting. Leigh Smith, chair of the Seahawk graduating committee, recognized those teachers who were retiring.

Rudd, together with School Board Chair Stacy Kirvin and Guidance Counselor Roderick Robinson, presented medals honoring Jackson Subbarao, the class valedictorian, and Astrid Ramirez, its salutatorian.

Several scholarships were then presented, followed by a passing of the torch through a candlelighting ceremony between class officers of 2017 and 2018.

The evening closed with a singing of the class song by Charles Petty, with accompaniment on the guitar by Fisher Edwards, and the sharing of jokes, and inspirational quotes, by Chelsea Register and Scout Segree.

The following is a list of the scholarships and awards, the name of the presenter and the recipients:

• Apalachicola Bay Charter School (Chimene Johnson) two $500 awards to Astrid Ramirez and Allie Kirvin

• Apalachicola Bay Rotary Club (Chimene Johnson) $1,000 award to Mallorie Shiver

• Carr Memorial (Dr. Lois Catlin) three $650 awards to Thomas Subbarao, Marty Sawesky and Jackson Subbarao , and $200 award to Tia Cummings.

• Centennial Bank (Donnie Gay) two $500 awards to Mallorie Shiver and Cash Creamer

• Denim for Scholars (Jill Rudd) Five $500 scholarships to Scout Segree, Logan Crosby, Chelsea Register, Jackson Subbarao and Adrianna Butler; and six $300 awards to Kalin Wilson, Mallorie Shiver, Tyanna Townsend, Ann Reeder, Tyler Howard and Jill Diestelhorst

• Eastpoint Church of God (Scott Shiver) $1,000 award to Mallorie Shiver

• Edwin Gardner Weed Ruge Scholarships (Roderick Robinson) To be announced later this summer

• FairPoint Communications (Allen Millender) $500 award to Chelsea Register

• Florida Retired Educations Association (Missy Cumbie)One $500 award from the Franklin-Gulf Chapter, and a $4,000 award from the state chapter, to Melody Hatfield

• Florida Seafood Festival (Carl Whaley) Four $500 awards to Mallorie Shiver, Chelsea Register, Scout Segree and Tyanna Townsend

• Franklin County - Florida Forest Service Tate's Hell State Forest (David Morse) $10,000 a year for four years to Conner Smith.

• Franklin County Coastal Co. Ed. Scholarship (Roderick Robinson) two $500 awards to Tyanna Townsend and Thomas Subbarao

• Franklin County School Nutrition Association (Rachel Shiver) $500 award to Kacey Howard

• Franklin County School Trust (Roderick Robinson) two $1,000 awards to Astrid Ramirez and Cash Creamer

• Franklin County School Board (Stacy Kirvin and Teresa Ann Martin) five $1,000 awards to Cash Creamer, Charles Petty, Chelsea Register, Scout Segree and Allie Kirvin

• Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (Sheriff A.J. Smith) $500 award to Chelsea Register

• Loretta Taylor Memorial (A.J. Smith) $1,000 award to Tea Kelly

• Franklin County Tourist Development Council (Roderick Robinson) $500 award to Chelsea Register

• Franklin County Teachers Association (Roderick Robinson) three $100 awards to Chelsea Register, Jackson Subbarao, and Thomas Subbarao

• Friendship Missionary Baptist Church (Fonda Davis) $100 award to Tyanna Townsend and $50 to Jaylon Gainer

• Friends of the Franklin County Public Library (Kathleen Oman) $1,000 Eileen Annie Ball Scholarship to Jill Diestelhorst

• H’COLA (Elinor Mount Simmons) two $300 awards to Kalin Wilson and Tia Cummings

• Linda Jefferson Memorial (Teresa Ann Martin) $250 award to Preston Shaver

• Love Center School of the Arts (Damien Davis and Ryanna Lockley) $300 award to Tia Cummings, and $250 Bishop Daniel White Scholarship to Tyler Howard

• Montgomery Foundation (Roderick Robinson) three $500 awards, each for four years, to Astrid Ramirez, Adrianna Butler and Cash Creamer

• Masonic Lodge Scholarship (Greg Wynot) two $500 scholarships to Cash Creamer and Myranda McLeod, and two $250 scholarships to Tyanna Townsend and Kacey Howard

• New Life Church (Tami Ray Hutchinson) $250 award to Kalin Wilson

• Oreon Ash Memorial Minority Scholarship (Roderick Robinson) $500 award to Natasia Robinson

• Pam Nobles Dance Studio (Pam Nobles) a $1,300 award to Holly Chambers, and $700 award to Mallorie Shiver

• Phoenix Family Health Care (Lois Catlin) $250 award to Astrid Ramirez

• Philaco Women’s Club (Tana Kendrick) two $1,000 awards to Melody Hatfield and Scout Segree

• Sylvester Williams Memorial Scholarship (Lashonda Williams) two $300 scholarships to Tyanna Townsend and Tyler Howard

• Take Stock in Children (Lois Catlin) three multi-year scholarships worth $15,000 379 each to Marty Sawesky, Thomas Subbarao and Jackson Subbarao, who also received housing paid for one year

• Willie Speed Memorial (Oryan Speed) two $250 awards to Jill Diestelhorst and Chelsea Register

• Vivian Scott Academic Scholarship (Roderick Robinson) $1,500 scholarship to Astrid Ramirez

• Yent Family Memorial (Roderick Robinson) one $1,000 award to Jackson Subbarao

• Gulf Coast State College Navigators Award (Michelle Sizemore) two-year $1,500 awards to Adriana Butler, Jill Diestelhorst, and Mallorie Shiver; two-year $1,800 awards to Charles Petty and Astrid Ramirez

• Among the many college scholarships announced were monies from Coastal College of Georgia (Megan Collins), University of West Florida (Allie Kirvin), Johnson and Wales University (Jencyn Stultz). University of North Florida (Jackson Subbarao), University of South Florida (Thomas Subbarao) and the U.S. Military (Jaxon Cook and Tylor Millender)