Dear Myth,

My name is Molly. I am 9 years old. I go to ABC School. I am in 3rd grade. I love my teacher Mrs. Ward. My mom’s name is Jessica Gay and my dad’s name is Dennis Gay.

I do not believe in you Myth but I do love Chritmas. I love the glowing lights. They are so pretty at night.

This year I wish that no one has cancer and I wish that the world be in peace and no one will fight. If you were real, I would ask if the childrean that do believe in you get the presents that they want. Myth, I do not believe in you. I know that in the middle of the night my mom and dad put the presents in the living room.

I love writeing and drawing. Love me, Molly! Have a great MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Kaitlyn Campbell

I relly love Christmas. I know Christmas is all about giving and Jusus’s birthday but, honestly I like the presents. I used to think Christmas was all about me me me but, this year it hit me right in the head. I now know Christmas is about giving and making other people happy. Santa was real I mean I know he is not real but, the story is true he made toys all year for the poor but I mean not really big flufy toys little toys made from wood. Santa became a legend a fat guy who comes in your house at night and gives you presents. So just to wrap it up when I think of Christmas I think of giving and Jesus and family.

By Richie Lennert

Part Poem

I love Christmas because sharing, caring and lots of love

through winter break my run has begun.

Family friends and cousins celebrate Jesuses Birthday because He is the Save yor of the earth.

Reason one is family and fun,

Giving and caring the holiday has begun.

Working together and having fun.

Also getting is real fun.

Because it makes me joyful to reseve.

And giving is fun to donate yahoo!

So I love Cristmas becus. Joy, fun, love and getting is all fun and good.

So if you ever tend to ask me

Please look back and remember this is my idea.

Ho! Ho! Ho!



Santa Clause

222 CandyCane Rd. North Pole


Dear Santa:

I’v been very nice and good and helpful and nody because we were at Burger King mysister and when I say sister I mean little sister well I ordered the haliPenoe Burger and my siser wanded a pickll So I said aBrey after I igev you a pickill then I gave her a hallipeno She never ate a Picill agan But still I wass good so my you please gut me a ridestick, close, electerc scoter and a camera but moste of all I whant to have my family get together and the one thang I love about Chrismiss is Jess was born.

Love, Jenise

To Santa