Franklin County didn’t have a bad week, they won two out of three games.

But Port St. Joe handed them their first loss of the season in Gulf County Saturday 69-48.

“We just weren't ready to play!” said coach Mackenzie Williams. “St. Joe came out fired up and we were just going through the motions. Coach Quinn did a great job of having his team ready and I didn't have my team ready.

“This is all on me, I should've had them more prepared and I didn't,” he said.

St. Joe led from start to finish, outscoring the Hawks in all four quarters.

Jan Lowe led the team with 13 points, followed by 7 from senior Kalin Wilson, 9 from senior Zack Przygocki, 1 from Zacc Townsend, 3 from Daijon Penamon, 5 from senior Tyler Howard, 4 from Sean Williams, 6 from Nate Jones and 7 from Kalin Wilson.

On Friday night, the Hawks edged North Bay Haven 55-52, after scoring only two points in the second quarter. A 20-11 fourth quarter did the trick.

Howard tallied 12, Lamarius Martin 3, Lowe 15, Jones 4, and Wilson 21.

Howard had 10 rebounds, and Jones six, while Lowe had five assists and five steals. Howard blocked four shots.

On Monday the team got back in sync with an 83-65 win at North Florida Christian.

Townsend scored five, Penamon 8, Przygocki 11, Howard 10, Williams 4, Lowe 5, Jones 19, and Wilson 21.

Howard snared 13 rebounds, and Wilson 13. Lowe had seven assists.

The next game is Dec. 29 in Bay County, at the Barnstorm tournament at Bay High.